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A visitor to the cemetery with an iPhone, iPad or other cellular device, GPS enabled, can locate a grave site and walk directly to it.  The most recent imagery on Google Earth provides latitude and longitude, as well. Also, see our new Section Map glass enclosed display on the wall of the cemetery garage near the office.  

What is perpetual Care?

All plots are sold with perpetual care which includes general maintenance such as grass mowing, road maintenance and signage.  It does not include the repair of fallen headstones, sunken grave markers etc.  This maintenance is the responsibility of the plot owner or his/her family.  In modern times, the cemetery requires the use of an approved cemetery contractor for setting foundations in order to prevent sinking and toppling.  This was not always the rule.  If you become aware of a sunken hole that is not your responsibility, notify us and we will attempt to have the problem resolved.  Depressions and sink holes are common after a harsh winter.  Use caution during your visit to the cemetery..

Policy regarding displays on grave sites -

Permanent monuments or flat markers, only, are permitted.  Temporary markers of the type provided by funeral homes are acceptable up to 90 days following interment.  Out of respect for visitors to family plots and in maintaining the dignity of the burial grounds, under no circumstances do we permit shrines or memorials consisting of personal items, beverage containers, landscaping materials etc.

What is the policy regarding flowers and plants?

Your deed and the Cemetery Rules board state the policy. In brief, planting of live flowers, shrubs and plants is not permitted without consent of the Board of Directors!  If consent is granted and the planting is not kept neat, manicured and to a reasonable size, it will be removed in deference to the rights of other plot holders.  Approved plantings must be kept tight to the base of a monument and not protrude beyond the dimensions of your plot. Your cooperation and the exercise of good judgment is requested.

May I sell or transfer my plot?

Yes.  Your deed grants you or your assignee burial rights at a specific location in the cemetery.  You may sell or transfer your plot, privately, to another person.  Forks Cemetery cannot buy back your plot.  In a private transaction, Forks Cemetery should be notified of the transfer and a new deed will be issued to the new owner.  We collect a $25.00 deed preparation fee in these instances.

Cemetery open during daylight hours.  Our disposal area is for cemetery debris, only.  Anyone dumping non-cemetery debris will be prosecuted for illegal dumping.  Area is patrolled by Forks Township police and randomly monitored by camera.  No hunting permitted on any cemetery property.  Vehicles not permitted on cemetery roads unless conducting cemetery business or visiting cemetery.  Other vehicles will be towed.

   Welcome to Forks Church Cemetery, Inc. 

Plot prices $595 old section 

Plot prices $785 new section

Installment payment plans available upon request.  



We have been at same location for  more than 200 years.  Located on the west side of Sullivan Trail at the Forks Township/Stockertown Borough border, we have burial sites available in our recently opened section as well as a few in our mature sections.   Reserve yours now.  Our earliest recorded activity dates to 1761.

The cemetery organization is governed by a Board of Directors and corporate officers.  Regular meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month, at 6:30 p.m. in the office on the grounds.   

Keeping the cemetery grounds dignified and well maintained  requires a substantial budget.  Your support through making a current tax deductible contribution or by remembering Forks Church Cemetery, Inc. with a bequest is encouraged.  Correspondence or donations may be sent to the address below.

neilpic2.jpg (120912 bytes)    Neill Werkheiser

As treasurer of Forks Church Cemetery Inc.  for nearly five decades,  I would be pleased to discuss with you the various ways you can help us remain financially viable.  Your cash contribution or underwriting of certain capital improvements would be greatly appreciated.

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You will be at home on the grounds of Forks Church Cemetery, Inc.  


President - Robert Black 610 252-6506

Secretary - Patricia Steinmetz

Treasurer - Neill Werkheiser 610 253-5420

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While our physical location is Sullivan Trail, Forks Township, PA, you can reach us from anywhere, worldwide, by utilizing the contact information, below.  Let us hear from you.

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